Dead Sea – Where to Stay

The Jordanian Shores of the Dead Sea feature many hotel resorts.  While most are quite nice, I exclusively stay at the Marriot Dead Sea these days.  I stayed here for the first time because it was a Marriott property and that’s the brand I have all of my points under.  (Please tell me I am not the only one who is beholden to certain hotel/airline/car rental brands because of the promise of points and status?!?!). However ever return stay to the property is because of the above and beyond service I receive from the staff there in every area!  Here’s what you can expect:

  • Arrival at Property:  Make sure you have made your reservation at least 24 hours in advance.  This will ensure your name is on the list at the guard hut outside and will expedite entering the property.  Once your name has been verified they will check your car before lowering the barriers so you can drive into the property.
  • Arrival on Property: You can self park or valet.  Either way, you will need to put all your bags through a screener (like at the airport) and walk through a metal detector prior to entering the hotel itself.  At the Marriott, there are always plenty of staff who will help you get your bags on/off the belt and bring them inside.
  • Check in/check out:  Everyone is welcomed with a refreshing local juice (the last few times it has been apple with ginger – DIVINE!) They have a dedicated desk (with a place to sit!) for any level Marriott Rewards Elite Member.
    • As with any hotel in the region, you will need to provide ID (passports unless you are a local or resident of Jordan) for EACH person staying in the room.  Don’t be alarmed when they ask and make copies of these documents.
    • You will also need to provide your credit card of which they will take a deposit.  Note to ask them to take the deposit in local currency (Jordanian Dinars) as opposed to you currency of origin – the exchange rate is fixed but if you use the credit card rate they are able to charge you more.
  • Rooms:  If possible, ask for a Dead Sea view room – the hotel was thoughtfully built so that most of the rooms do have a view.  I have stayed in many different rooms but the top floor (5th) is my favorite and offers the best views.  That being said, some people prefer the ground floor so they can walk right out to the pool.
    • Note:  Unlike Marriott properties in the USA, they are NOT smoke-free in the region here.  If, like me, you prefer a non-smoking room, be sure to request this in your reservation and confirm upon arrival.  This is where the fantastic staff comes into play once again – if you get a smoke free room that… isn’t don’t hesitate to call the front desk – they will make it right!
  • Spa:  The spa is wonderful here and closely parallels what you would find in the USA.  If you are an Elite member you have free access to the facilities.  Otherwise, you can enter for a fee OR gain access by booking a treatment.  I have yet to try everything the spa has to offer but here’s what I do know:
    • There is a mixed area (meaning men and women) that has an indoor pool, hot tub and a Dead Sea pool.  The latter is nice if the weather is crappy OR you or unable to traverse the rocky shores to get in the actual Dead Sea.  The pool in the Spa will allow you to experience the dense water!
      • Note the lounge chairs around the pool are so comfortable!  They feature a triangular pillow I had never seen before and it basically feels like you are laying on a comfy bed!
    • The women’s only area features the expected: locker room, changing facilities, restrooms and shower.  It also has:
      • Sauna – in case you desire more dry heat
      • Steam room – infused with mint this room is my personal heaven!
      • Hot tub – with a lovely waterfall
  • Access to the Dead Sea:  The only way to actually access the water is through the one public beach or hotel.  The Marriott’s access point is beautifully landscaped.  They even offer a golf cart ride down for those who cannot make the walk.  Marriott also provides you with a few urn’s of Dead Sea mud right on the shores.
  • Pools:  The hotel features 3 pools – 1 that is adults only, 1 that is for hotel guests only (you can purchase a day pass to the facilities) and 1 for everyone.  There is some seasonality to the pools so check with the hotel if you have your heart set on any one particular one!

View from the balcony off the hotel lobby


  • Dining:  This is going to be a separate post – check back soon!

So if you head to the Dead Sea, I recommend the Marriott Dead Sea! Tell them Rey sent you!

Keep shining my friends!






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