Note From Rey: What to Expect!

“The miracle isn’t that I finished, the miracle is that I had the courage to start.”  John Bingham

Among many things I used to do, distance running is one. (I’m an impulsive type – and stubborn too.  So I try a lot of things (impulsiveness), stick with them to prove I can do it (stubbornness) and ultimately decide it’s not for me and move on).  The above quote is from one of my favorite sports writers/coaches/runners – check him out!  It applies to so many things – starting really is the hardest part!

Now that I have started this whole blogging thing, ideas are starting to come fast and furious.  I know that the blog will have 3 main categories:

  • Fun – aka Travel
  • Food – the meals and the people I share them with
  • Fashion – personal fashion I encounter all over the world

The majority of the posts will be around Fun/Travel with Food/Fashion providing ancillary anecdotes and color commentary relevant to the place I travel to.  My goal is to provide you with useful and relevant information that you can use should you visit the place yourself. On top of that, I want to tell you stories that will give you a glimpse into other cultures.

Where in the world can I expect to find Rey you might ask?  The short answer: all over.  I have travel logs from the many places I have been privileged to visit in the past and will be starting with those.  As I travel to new places, I will intersperse those as well.  In the coming weeks I will be focusing on getting posts up about:

  • Middle East
    • Jordan – Amman, Dead Sea, Petra, Jerash, Ajloun, Mount Nebo, Madaba and more!
    • United Arab Emirates – primarily Dubai with a little on Abu Dhabi
    • Israel – Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and crossing the border
  • Africa
    • Egypt – Cairo and Giza
  • Europe
    • The Netherlands – Amsterdam and beyond!
    • Spain – Malaga, Mallorca, Ronda, Barcelona and more!
    • Greece – Athens, Santorini and Crete
  • North America
    • United States – Washington DC, NYC, Seattle, Chicago and more!
    • Puerto Rico – San Juan, El Yunque and more!
    • Jamaica – Ochos Rios and the FDR

The above is not an exhaustive list of where I have been.  I choose the above places to start with as they are some of my favorite places in the world!  Once I have critical mass of content on the above, I’ll move onto others.  Do you have a place you would like to know more about?  Let me know, if I’ve been there I’ll add to the list!

While I might be stubborn and impulsive, I do love feedback and bettering myself!  If you have any thoughts on the blog, things you would like to see more (or less) of please use the contact form to reach out.

Keep on shining my friends!


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